2009 Tana Flerbrukshall

The body of poetry in crucial sports moments

In learning of different sport exercises are used innstrukssjonsillustrasjoner. The aim of such designs is the best way to explain how to do something. They are so simple and informative.

My challenge has been with simple stroke capture body of poetry in crucial sports moments.
Has subscribed situations from three sports; handball, running and wrestling. Each warrant describe the body motion in moments where the athlete's performance peaks. Precision and technically all is an essential part of the activity. It happens before the victory and jubilation is a fact. The performer's action is the result of patient and prolonged exercise. Moments event is the sport's core. That is what we call the long time afterwards and look over again and over again on screen and in print.
Frog Shot is a term derived from handball. It describes that jumps off the ground to get over opponents and have a clear view ahead. While still in the air to throw the ball with great force into the net. The drawing shows the body in the air while it is about to throw the ball.

Final stage is a word we find in many sports. It describes that two or more people are about to go over the goal. The background of the drawing is a study of 100m running in the Olympics. The drawing shows the body in the step before it goes over the line, as it goes over the line and step afterwards, just before the athlete looking up to the right on the board that shows the time and sequence. It can be seen as an individual or three.
Vertical Grip is a term derived from wrestling. It describes that the athlete has attached grip on the opponent which can cause the opponent to be thrown into the ground. The drawing shows that the grip is attached and that the athletes are in decline.