2011 Sortland ungdomsskole

"A point of existence"

The drawing is a study of a tree outside the school where the coordinates of the tree (found using GPS receiver) is included in the drawing. The text "A point of existence" is on the opposite wall. We must have at least two points to see ourselves. One where we are and another where the mirror is. Whoever sees the drawing is at a point inside point, while drawing is extreme, it is seen. Furthermore refers drawing to a point outside the school where the real tree stands. The tree on the wall is an experience of the real tree. It can be compared to the way we experience each other, just that we do not usually make drawings of it. There are many trees in Sortland, and every tree is different from the others. Canteen area with two large glass walls make the room inside feels like a part of the conservatory. The desire is that the drawing in the Amphitheatre should reinforce this impression. As the newly planted trees right outside grows, the contact between the tree on the wall and the trees there will be even more visible.