2012 Voss kunstlag

Sigfrid Hernes

its magnificent and caring intimate portrayal of nature. She works with North Norwegian nature as a starting point and central theme in his art. Nature's presence in Scandinavian art is overwhelming. And if it is an artistic challenge to step into this genre and bring new qualities and discovery. It is precisely here that inspires and Hernes suggests in its dissimilar, but distinct and distinctive tonelag and moods. She contributes its own distinct and tasteful aesthetics. And here is Sigfrid Hernes magnificent tribute to nature, her intimate and generous invitation to participate in a special charge scenic conveyed by drawing and photographs. But while trying Hernes different ways, different languages in the face of nature. Her film from Stabbursdalen, for example, she uses both photographic and cartographic for the different sets to understand and depict nature. Retrieved from text by Jan Erik Lundstrom, Centre for Sami Contemporary Art, 2012