2013 NNKS

3.5 - 05/19/2013

Sigfrid Hernes:
"Get away - be the dream»
Sigfrid Hernes works primarily with drawing, but also with photography and video. It is often the northern Norwegian nature as the basis for her work. The main work in this black box exhibit is a film where both the photographic and cartographic has been applied to påulike understand and depict a landscape with no signs of human habitation. The starting point of the movie is the national park Stabbursdalen in Finnmark.
As part of the exhibition also displays drawing A journey along AxisMundi. Axis mundi is a term for a kind of passage between the underworld, the earth and the sky. It's the world's focal point, a center that everything else has risen from. In Sigfrid Hernes Axis mundi is represented as a tree. The axis violates the horizontal that otherwise characterize images. A central theme of the exhibition is the human longing to get back to an actual reality in terms of the desolate nature. Sigfrid Hernes lives and works in Alta. The education she has from the Art Academy in Bergen and Oslo. She has previously exhibited including at the Sami Center for Contemporary Art,
North Norwegian Art Museum (2012) and Nordkappmuseet.

Text: Torild Ostby Haaland
Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik.